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Second Skin

Embodying a playful touch, Second Skin merges the physical and intellectual. 


Beyond its tangible representations, Second Skin encourages a journey of introspection. It urges individuals to contemplate their intrinsic value as human beings, reminding them that they are part of something bigger.


Second Skin is the mirror of identity, reflecting the inner and exposing the outer.


In the Second Skin project, sculptures are known as WOMBS. The significance of the womb spans biological, cultural and psychological dimensions, allowing for exploration across the spectrum of life and nature.


Whether in the form of sculpture or installation, artist Zora Volantes is able to capture and express a range of emotions for all to see.


Regardless of execution, several themes dominate: protection and security relating to reproduction, motherhood and connection. Every WOMB is different and unique. 


Each performance is highly unique, yet still stitched together by the desire to awaken dreams and clarify thoughts. Performance allows the artist and the viewer to recognise one's strength, courage, influence and even light-heartedness.



Art in a Construction Area: design creation on the floor (800 sqm) in the main hall of the neww buidling Am Postbahnhof in Berlin

Inviation Solo: Residency at the Galerie Netzwerk, Trier


"BOUNTY HUNTER" Performance,

Art Basel Miami and Berlin


SOLO AWARD for the performance "CHAMELEON: into the colours of trees",
Käthe-Dorsch-Stiftung, Berlin


SOLO AWARD for the "DON'T TOUCH ME" performance

Draussen Stadt, by the Berlin Charlottenburg district office, Sponsored by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Berlin,
Else-Heiliger Fund.


Funding for the performance "PLANET LOST?", at Goethe Park in Weimar by Klassik-Stiftung-Weimar





Internship at the Tarabya Cultural Academy, Istanbul,

Chance for impactful solo exhibitions, e.g. at MIXER Gallery, Istanbul

DAAD London

University of Arts Berlin, Young Artist Program

Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Erasmus



University of Arts Berlin,

Master of Arts supported by Rebecca Horn

Mentor and Teacher: Katharina Sieverding and Rebecca Horn

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