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Performance at the Female Art Week, Berlin  2024 (@femaleartweek_com)


As a performance artist, Zora seized the opportunity presented by the female art week to passionately express her commitment to women's empowerment.


The concept of her work is deeply intertwined with themes of peace and liberty. Following an internship in Turkey in 2015, the artist aims to raise awareness and provoke exploration of women's rights through her performance. Symbolizing the flag of Turkey, the red suit, peace symbol, and white petals serve as key elements that breathe life into the revolutionary spirit she seeks to embody.

The director of the female art week and Red Club, Michaela Mumm-von Oldenburg, was deeply moved by Zora Volantes' performance, describing it as the most captivating and emotionally resonant show she had ever witnessed. She said: " Das war die coolste Performance, die ich je gesehen habe..."

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